Beauty Blunders: The Biggest Mistakes Women Make Regarding Hair, Makeup, Clothing and Jewelry
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Beauty Blunders: The Biggest Mistakes Women Make Regarding Hair, Makeup, Clothing and Jewelry

Beauty wisdom versus beauty mistakes

My list of biggest beauty blunders:

  • Over playing both eyes and lips:  Wearing too much color on both the eyes and the lips tends to diminish the effect of both.  Decide which is your best feature and use the most color on that feature.  If you feel your eyes have it, go for the colors which most flatter your eyes and draw attention to them.  Use more eyeliner should you prefer.  For your lips, though, go with more neutral or toned-down colors and glosses.  If you feel your lips speak volumes, go for brighter colors and lip liners to flatter them but tone down your eyes.  A little blush on the eyelids, a gentle eyeliner and mascara will work wonders.  The wonderful thing is that others will notice both your eyes and your lips when you are using this rule.  Wearing too much shadow and lipstick causes people to get lost in your makeup, not your beauty.  Note:  If you are younger and have longer, darker hair, this doesn’t apply to you as much - yet.  If you are a bit older, have shorter or lighter hair, this rule should be your mantra.  
  • Overwhelming eye color:  When choosing the right shade for your eyes, find colors which compliment them, not colors which match them (except perhaps as an accent color).  If you have lovely blue eyes, wearing blue eye shadow, eye liner and mascara can overwhelm them.  Perhaps find one matching shade as an accent color but find other complimentary colors as your dominant shades. You want people to notice your lovely eyes, not your lovely eye shadow.
  • Wearing too much concealer:  Absolutely wear concealer to hide blemishes or dark circles.  However, there are some women who will conceal their entire face.  Not only does this look horribly fake, it’s quite lovely to allow some of your own skin to show through the makeup.  It presents a more natural and radiant you.  
  • Showing your roots:  If you color your hair, at some point your roots are going to show.  The more dramatic the difference between root color and hair color, the sooner this is going to become noticeable.  Therefore, if you’re going to use a color much different from what you have naturally (and most of us do at some point), just accept the fact that you will need to be coloring your hair frequently.  When roots are allowed to show, it can make the hair look dirty or give you an overall slovenly appearance which makeup tends not to diminish.  Your hair is the frame for your face.  Wear it well.  If you feel you cannot afford the time or money to color your hair frequently, try going with highlights instead of an overall color.  This will allow it to still look fresh and natural as it grows.  
  • Knowing your undertones:   That shade of blush may look lovely in the container but that doesn’t mean it will look lovely on your cheeks.  Know your skin’s undertones and find shades which compliment them.  If you have warmer undertones, you might not be able to wear raspberry or rose blush as well as someone with cooler undertones.  What looks pink on them might turn to orange on you.  Find those shades with golden accents in order to look your best.  Women with cooler undertones can go more with roses, plums and burgandies.  
  • Never use both cleavage and legs:  You may be proud of your chest and proud of your shapely legs but choose which one you want to show if you wish to look both sexy and classy.  Unless you’re in a swimsuit, wearing cleavage while showing more leg tends to cause people to think “cheap” rather than “sexy”.  If you think your legs can run circles around the competition, wear a shorter skirt with a higher collared blouse or sweater.  If you think your chest is where it’s at, wear cleavage with a longer skirt or pants.  Of course, make certain you are in a place where either is appropriate.  In the business world, I would keep skirts below the knee and no cleavage.  It’s bad form to cause your clients to wonder what sort of business you are in or have others guessing how you got that promotion.  
  • Too much jewelry:  We all love bling, myself included but wearing too much jewelry or the wrong type of jewelry tends to diminish the overall package and looks more like showing off rather than showing class.  There’s an old adage:  Elegance is putting on the jewelry you want to wear, then removing two pieces.  This is true.  Wear not more than one ring per hand and then make certain any rings (or other jewelry) are appropriate for the occasion.  Cocktail jewelry and diamond jewelry, other than wedding and anniversary sets, should only be worn in the evening.  Pearls and other smaller and less flashy jewelry can be worn in the day.  Vibrant, Bohemian jewelry can be fun to wear during the day so long as it’s in a vibrant, Bohemian atmosphere.  This tends not to be the office or most professional environments.

i hope this information is helpful for you. 

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