BeautyInsider: E.L.F (Eyes. Lips. Face) Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review
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BeautyInsider: E.L.F (Eyes. Lips. Face) Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review

The perfect review into knowing all about E.L.F's Waterproof Eyerliner Pen.

After jumping on the bandwagon of the new E.L.F (Eyes. Lips. Face) phenomena I have gravitated towards trying relatively good quality cosmetics without the high-end price. Just as a little background insight, E.L.F originated in the US in 2003, but of course despite it being an American product they do have websites dedicated to other countries such as the UK. Well today I will be reviewing just the 'Waterproof Eyeliner Pen' that was bought in a massive haul I got from E.L.F.

The product costs £1.50 (UK) $1 (US)

It comes in 5 colours: Coffee, black, midnight, ash, plum.

The desciption of the product claims:

"No smudge, no budge eyeliner that lasts for hours for a fabulous and fresh look of precision. The smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines for effortless beauty". 

Water resistant or waterproof? 

First, since it is supposed to be waterproof one would expect it to indeed be a "no smudge, no budge" eyeliner. I'd have to say that if you wear this without primer as I have done, then it might not stay on as well; perhaps 2 to 3 hours, depending on circumstances. However, I also tried it with Urban Decay Primer Potion, I would say it stayed on for about 7 - 8 hours. So really considering the price I really cannot fault it. Although it can't match the likes of GOSH's waterproof eyeliner as I would say E.L.F's eyeliner is water resistant rather than absolutely waterproof, there has been no problems regarding it running from a little water; for things like swimming? No.

Bound by its price tag?

It would be fitting to say that the idea of a "pen applicator" is its main selling point, so having never tried a 'pen' eyeliner this would be perfect to test what it is like rather than paying £10/ £20 for something like the 'stila' liners or 'Dr. Hauschka' liquid eyeliners (granted it is not a pen applicator but close enough with its extremely fine tip). With this product it was both dissappointing and great. The fine tip was certainly great for just £1.50, it made applying a thinner line close to your lashes easier. On the other hand, had I not purchased all colours except from the plum I would not have known the good and bad sides. In fact, 2 out of the 4 I bought did not "easily glide" as it was so dry and difficult to apply that they may simply have to be used for something else; this was the ash and coffee colours. The trick I have with these eyeliners is to either shake it, moisten it or store it upside down to get the colours running, tried this with 3 of the pens and to no avail did the 2 I mentioned - work, the third (midnight), however, did and came out rather well with a nice smooth line so I was happy with that. The last one was black, which was good as it is and just needed a slight shake and the colour and application exceeded its cheap price tag. So I would say it is all about luck!

Is it all colours galore?

I would have to say that the colour saturation for the black and the midnight were good as of course they were the only two that worked. The black is good, but not quite the 'bold lines' that the product says it creates, such as if anyone has used Stila's waterproof pen eyeliner then definately E.L.F's black is not as bold. But, for well more than 10 times less the price E.L.F's black liner holds up pretty well against higher end brands and is indeed dark enough for your every-day makeup wear.

The midnight was actually very dark, since I have a darker skin colour it looks far more black than a dark blue, but if someone lighter in skin colour would find this could compliment both their skin and eye colour very well. And same goes for the plum colour, despite not having bought it I have witnessed a light-skinned friend wearing it and it was quite dark but nothing detestable, and rather nice.

The coffee and the ash, however, did not do very well. Low colour saturation and faded due to its dryness. So it is difficult to review these. In spite of this, there have been issues with other with mostly the coffee colour, but in terms of the ash it certainly does match its name - dead and being leftover waste. Had the ash colour not been dried it I could confidently say it would be a great colour to use for a less harsher look, and would probably be better on lighter skinned people who find liners in black etc too dramatic and want to go for a more natural look on non-heavy make up days. I find that they are also great for colouring lashes with if you have very light ones.

So, considering I got all 4 for just around £6 and with free shipping (although that was due to spending over £30 in one transaction in order to qualify for free shipping) I found it was a great buy. Despite getting two dunce ones I managed to get four when, if I had bought I higher end brand I may not have even been able to buy one with £6. They even do mineral make up and their more better quality studio products at an ever so slightly more the price. Thus, I admire this company for trying to deliver products that will not need people spending their weeks allowance on one product. I highly recommend you trying these out as E.L.F regularly do special offers of 25%, 50% and so on, and just hope that you are not an unlucky one like myself that on the off chance receives a faulty one.

Good luck experimenting! And stay beautiful.

Here are the following links to their website: (UK) (US) [Currently there is a promotional offer on until the 13th June: $1.98 Shipping! Use code SUM198 on orders $15 and over] (Australia)

The videos and images used in this article do not belong to me and I do not claim ownership for them, all are products of E.L.F.


E.L.F image

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You accomplished this review very well. Promoted since I am out of votes.

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