Compare Perricone MD and Which Premium Skincare Works Best
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Compare Perricone MD and Which Premium Skincare Works Best

In this report

There are several skincare lines on the market and choosing one that is right for one's skin type can be mind boggling. Finding a treatment line using quality ingredients that has had plenty of success is crucial. Both Perricone MD and Clarins have a prestigious credentials, use natural ingredients and document stellar research development. Perricone MD is a 3-tier program and must be apprached comprehensively for top results. Focusing on diet, supplements and topical care may be too much for some. Clarins uses plant oils, some aromatic, but have achieved high accreditations on quality control since 1954. Clarins has also paved the way with social responsibility helping different organizations with feeding the world and supporting research for certain diseases. Both companies do not test on animals or use animal by-products.

#1 - Perricone MD

Perricone MD was founded in 1997 in Meriden, Connecticut. Dr. Nicholas Perricone has established himself as a Board Certified Clinical and Research Dermatologist and is author of several New York Times best sellers on skincare technology. Dr. Perricone has created a skincare line, notably cosmeceuticals, that focus on anti-inflammatory ingredients that can decrease wrinkles and lines. His system works on a 3-tier program that include an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements infused with anti-oxidants and topical creams and serums. 


  • Delivers a complete holistic approach to skincare combining diet, supplements and topical creams to uplift the skin providing it with a supple, youthful appearance.
  • Online skin specialist is available for consultations with an easy 800 number.
  • Perricone MD provides an informative blog and newsletter.
  • Packaging has been very successful using old style apothacary jars and bottles. Boxes have been put together with wind energy in a carbon neutral building.
  • Dr. Perricone has exquisite credentials. His Dermatology training was completed at the Henry Ford Hospital and he received his medical training at Michigan State.
  • Free shipping along with free samples are a nice perk when purchasing from Perricone MD.


  • Perricone MD products can get expensive. If you are one with extra cash to spend on skin products, then Perricone MD might be a number one choice. if on a budget, then there are probably other practical options.
  • There have been adverse reactions to some of the products. Swelling, rashes and other skin related issues have been a concern. It is best to test ingredients on arm before using, especially if you are one with allergies.
  • Top results must include the entire 3-tier program, including diet. Many are not ready to give up certain food items that may interfere with Dr. Perricone’s holistic approach.
  • Many products have a fragrance attached. Whether it’s rosy or curry, many like a more fragrant-free product for the skin.

Pricing is similar to other high-end skincare products. Perricone MD’s Nutritive Cleanser will cost $39.00 for a 6 oz. tube. Deep Moisture Therapy, an anti-oxidant based cream is $85.00 for 2 oz. The Glycolic Bars are $76.00 with 3 bars in a package. These particular bars include glycolic acid which are beneficial for exfoliation.

#2 -

Clarins opened its first Institute of Beaute in Paris in 1954. The company’s founder, Jacque Courtin-Clarins, put together a skincare treatment line focusing on plant oils. They have continued their success by using only natural ingredients.


  • Their online website offers online consultations and advice plus provide several guides to download.
  • Research development has been successful with the company. They were the first to be awarded Good Lab Practices from the French Health Ministry.
  • Their products were first to be tested for protecting the skin from pollutions.
  • Safe and effective products without harming animals.
  • Social responsibility has been highly noted with the company due to donating to the FEED Project that feeds children in the United Nation’s food program. They are also involved and have been for 20 years with the Courtin Arthritis Foundation which supports and promotes research for the most severe arthritis.


  • The price is expensive, but it is a quality product and most users love Clarins.
  • Clarins have aromatic products coming from plant oils. If fragrance is not high on your list, it is best not to go this route.
  • Shipping will cost $6 for a 5-8 delivery date.
  • Returns are possible, but consumer must send back an unopened package.

Pricing is similar to Perricone MD. A Gentle Foaming Cleanser runs $21.00 for a 4 oz. tube. Gentle Peel Smooth Away Cream, an exfoliator, costs $30.00 for 1.7 oz. and the Vital Light Night Anti-Aging Cream in a 1.7 oz. jar costs $90.00.

The Bottom Line

Perricone MD and Clarins are highly effective and state of the art skincare lines. Even though both treatment lines are holistic in their own way, they both deliver quality skincare products. Clarins may tend to be a bit more moisturizing than most of Perricone MD’s treatments, but results for both companies take time. Perricone MD's program guides the user into a healthier lifestyle by guiding them to alter diet, take certain supplements and provide care for skin with quality ingredients. If a consumer doesn't have the patience for all of that, then Clarins would be a far better choice. As long as the products are used correctly, they are well worth the money.

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