When to Buy Designer Vs. Generic Cosmetics?
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When to Buy Designer Vs. Generic Cosmetics?

At some point over the course of out lives we've all struggled with the paramount decision: designer or generic? Whether it be in regards to jeans, handbags, medicine, or makeup we've had to decide. Is it worth it to splurge on the more expensive product or should we go for the less expensive generic product?

With some things it's not such a big deal. Only you will know the jeans you're wearing only cost $65 instead of $175. Only you will know that bag is fake Louis Vuitton (Okay, maybe not ONLY you. There are those people out there who I like to call designer nazis). But with some things, it is important to splurge on the more expensive stuff. Makeup is one of those things. Now, there is a fine line between what makeup items to splurge on and which to go cost-cutter on. Some products are worth the extra cash.

Foundation and/or face powder is an item l vote you SPLURGE ON! This stuff is the closest to your bare skin and I tell you from experience; there is a big difference between $7 and $25-$30 quality. I personally prefer Bare Escentuals foundation and bronzer. It is made from minerals. I've been using it for four years and it actually made my skin feel and look better over time. You can get Bare Escentuals online through their website, in Sephora stores, or at Sephora.com.

Other items it is important to splurge on are eyeliner and mascara. It seems unimportant, but eyeliner and mascara are usually applied within very close contact of the eye itself. The eye is very sensitive and open to infection and irritation if old, cheap, or poorly made eyeliner or mascara gets into the eye. However, with these items it isn't difficult to find well-made product at a lower price.

On the other hand, with things like lipgloss, lipstick, and eyeshadow it is alright to go for quantity instead of quality. We go through them quickly and usually want them in several different colors. The quality of these products isn't as important so long as you don't eat your lipstick or shove the eyeshadow into your eyeball. I still prefer to splurge a bit on the lipstick and lipgloss. MAC cosmetics has very rich colors and you can definitely feel the quality on your lips.

So when buying makeup products it is important to think about the use of them. Would you be ok knowing that the substances are going into your pores or are close to your eyes and mouth? My overall mantra is quality instead of quantity.

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Comments (1)

I think your article is great! However, I think that eyeshadow can be something to splurge on. The more expensive shadows (i.e. Mac) have more color pigment, giving you more color on the lid. I'm pretty sure you kind of touched on it, but I thought it would be an important thing to clarify.