Eye Makeup Application for Narrow or Squinty Eyes
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Eye Makeup Application for Narrow or Squinty Eyes

If you have narrow or squinty eyes you might be wishing you could make them appear more prominent. The application of suitable eye makeup can be very effective at doing so. This article provides advice on how to apply eye makeup to narrow or squinty eyes to make your eyes look more prominent.

Narrow or squinty eyes are those that reveal only a small amount of pupil, or are physically long and narrow in size. Many Asian women have this eye type, but lots of women from other ethnic backgrounds can also have this eye shape. This article looks at how to effectively apply mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner to narrow or squinty eyes. It also provides some additional tips that may help to make your eyes stand out more.

How to apply Eye shadow on narrow or squinty eyes

 With the goal being to open up the eye and make it look wider, it is best to stick to light shades of eye shadow. If it suits your coloring apply a white eye shadow all over the eye lid. If white is too stark for you, you can try cream, light pink or soft beige. Ideally choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Be sure to apply the eye shadow right around to the corner of the inner eye. Also make sure you take the eye shadow out to line up with the end of your brow and bring it back down to the corner of your outer eye diagonally. This will help make your eye area look bigger. If you also have vanishing lids you might like to take a deeper shade like gray and apply it to the crease to make the crease seem more defined.

How to apply eyeliner on narrow or squinty eyes

You need to use eyeliner with care when you have narrow or squinty eyes, because some eyeliner application techniques can actually close your eyes in and make them look smaller. Ideally look for powder eyeliners, or soft kohl liners, rather than anything that will create a very solid, defined line like standard pencils and liquid eyeliners. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on the outside of your top and bottom lash line. Smudge it a little to create a soft finish. Never line the inner rim of the eye as you will make your eyes look even narrower.

How to apply mascara on narrow or squinty eyes

Apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. Apply more mascara to the center of each eye to help make the eye look wider. Sometimes it can be beneficial to use colored mascara as it can make the eye pops, when you have narrow or squinty eyes. Blue mascara can be effective. 

Additional tips:

There are several other things that can help make narrow or squinty eyes look more prominent. The first is how you shape your eyebrows. Narrow or squint eyes benefit from arched eyebrows, rather than straight eyebrows. This is because arched brows open up the eye area. If you have naturally straight eyebrows, even just a soft arch can help your eyes

The second thing is to use some faux eyelashes to visually reshape your eyes. To make eyes look wider and more open, try eyelashes that are longer in the middle and shorter at the ends. This helps to create a rounder eye effect. 

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