Eye Makeup Application Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses
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Eye Makeup Application Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses

Glasses can have an effect on how your eyes appear to people looking at you. This means it is beneficial to consider how this influences your eye makeup application. This article provides tips on how to apply eye makeup if you wear glasses for short sightedness, or glasses for long sightedness.

Makeup application tips for those who wear glasses for short sightedness:

 Glasses for shortsightedness tend to make the eyes look bigger, as they have a magnifying effect. You therefore need to apply eye makeup with less intensity. The tips that suit women with prominent or bulging eyes are therefore those that suit you. Let’s look at a brief rundown on how to apply eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow in this situation.

Eye shadow

Try dark colors on your eye lids to make your eyes seem a little smaller. Shades like charcoal, navy and chocolate brown can be effective.

Eye Liner

Try applying your eyeliner on the inner rim of your eye to minimize your eye area.


You don’t need to load up on mascara, because your eyes are already noticeable. Try just a little on the upper eye if desired.

Be sure to keep your brows nicely groomed, because glasses for short sightedness can also magnify stray eyebrow hairs.

Makeup application tips for those who wear glasses for long sightedness:

Glasses for long sightedness have a reverse effect; they make your eyes look smaller. This can be particularly troublesome if you already have small eyes to begin with. It becomes even more important to play up your eye area with makeup if you want to make your eyes noticeable. The tips that suit women with small eyes are well suited to those who wear glasses for long sightedness.

Let’s look at a brief guide on how to apply mascara, eye shadow and eye liner in this scenario.

Eye shadow

Stick to light colored eye shadows, because they make an area seem bigger. Just as light colors can make a room look bigger in interior design. Try a shade that suits you like white, cream, or soft pink. You can stick to just one shade over the entire eyelid, or in addition try adding a medium shade to the crease on the outer third and extend it a little outside the eye line

Eye Liner

In general you want to skip the thick Black eyeliner all around your eyes, because it will make your eyes look even smaller. Try a brown liner on the outside of your eye line or a a color that makes your eyes pop. For example if you have brown eyes, Blue eye liner.


Try several coats of mascara to make your eyes look bigger. If you are handy at applying eyelash extensions they can also significantly help to make your eyes look more prominent.

Also consider keeping your eyebrows well groomed and a little on the thin side so that your eye area looks as open as possible. 

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Very helpful information. I wear glasses so I need help.

You have beauty tips for all women who wear corrective lens.Thank you.

Glad you found it helpful Norma!

Thanks Roberta!

Well written... thanks for the good work...

Interesting and enjoyable read. Thanks

Very informative and helpful post for individuals who were eye-glasses. Good job here! Voted