Eyeliner: Pencil, Gel, Liquid, Kohl
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Eyeliner: Pencil, Gel, Liquid, Kohl

A description of the different kinds of eyeliners. Pencil eyeliner, Liquid eyeliner, Gel eyeliner and Kohl eyeliner.

Eyeliner is one of the go-to make-up products to use when you want to make your eyes more noticeable. Make-up bags are never without any kind of eyeliner because of it's sheer power to emphasize the windows to the soul. Presently, there are different kinds of eyeliners in the market, and they all have different characteristics and serve different purposes as well as different ways of application and staying power. Some eyeliners are not that dramatic and apparent, while others are bold and dark which is best used during the night time. Here are some of the different kinds of eyeliners: 

  • Pencil- the pencil eyeliner is probably the most ubiquitous kind of eyeliner in the market. It is the most basic and the most simple to use compared to all the other types of eyeliners. The pencil eyeliner is usually applied on the waterline (the bottom flap of your eye) to create a smokey effect. However, compared to the other kinds of eyeliners, pencil eyeliners are not that accurate when making a precise line if it is not sharpened to a fine point. If the pencil tip is blunt, most likely the line that you will draw using it will be a bit smudged and messy. 
  • Liquid- the liquid liner, compared to all the other kinds, is the hardest to use. You must be an expert at applying the liquid, because it requires very steady hands. The lines that a liquid eyeliner makes are very severe and crisp, which makes mistakes more apparent. One wrong twitch of the fingers and you'll have to go back and correct it. Liquid eyeliners are also the darkest of the bunch. If it's black, it's really black! Since liquid eyeliners are very dark and make very severe lines, the use of this type of eyeliner is usually reserved for the night time. Day time make up usually favors a softer and more natural look. 
  • Gel- gel liner is like the middle ground between pencil and liquid eyeliner. Lines made with gel liners look more defined than a pencil's but has a more natural and softer look than liquid's. The texture of the gel liner is creamy and smooth and can be applied using an angled brush. It is easier to apply than the liquid eyeliner and is versatile. With the angled brush, you can make both a thin line and a thick line. Gel liners are usually waterproof, so they stay longer than the regular pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. Gel liners look best when applied on the upper lash line, but not the waterline. 
  • Kohl- the kohl liner looks just like any other pencil liner, but the difference can be found in the texture of the liner. Unlike the pencil eyeliner, kohl eyeliners are softer. This means that the application of the liner is easier and the lines thicker and darker. If you favor dark smokey eyes, a kohl liner is perfect for you since black kohl liners give off very dark and intense lines compared to the pencil or the gel. 

The type of eyeliner to use can be defined by the kind of look you're going for, the definition you want for your eyes or the skill you have with the application of the eyeliner. Try out all of these types of eyeliners to determine which one you like best.

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Comments (1)

Very informative article. I wish I knew all this when the world of makeup was opened up to me (a bit belatedly, in fact) a few years ago. Would have saved me the trouble and expense of going through different kinds of liners :p