How to Choose Eco-friendly Make Up
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How to Choose Eco-friendly Make Up

Hundreds of years ago women wore make up containing lead, which poisoned them, making them look older underneath the lethal mask, and even slowly killing them. We're a long way from that, but there's still a ways to go before all make up will be eco friendly. You can make this happen sooner, rather than later, by making conscious consumer choices.

  • Watch where you shop. There are a lot of good options so that you know you're making yourself beautiful and helping the environment at the same time. The Body Shop was one of the first businesses on the scene campaigning for eco-awareness and against animal testing. They are continually involved in important issues around the world, and have a wide array of make up products that are fun, playful and fabulous. Also, buy organic when you can. Even big department stores carry organic brands with eco-conscious values.
  • Buy re-fillable. I used to buy little pots of eye shadow from Mac make up. Now, I have a large case with slots for 24 different colors. Instead of spending 14$ on each eye shadow, I now spend 7$ sand put them in the case that I purchased. Not only will I be saving money in the long run, but I am also saving on packaging as well. It's a win-win; the environment loves it, and I love it, because I have more money, for more colors.
  • Use eye pencils with wood casings. The wooden outsides are biodegradeable.
  • Choose products made out of plant derivitives. Avoid mascara that is made from petroleum products, and instead go for mineral-packed varieties, made from plants. It's actually better for you, and the environment. Also focus on this when purchasing lipsticks, especially since you end up eating half of it, anyways. Do you want to eat chemicals, or something all natural? It will definitely make you feel better about smoothing on layer after layer on your lips on a night out on the town.

A real girly girl, I am a huge fan of using make up to augment a woman's natural beauty. What can be better than splurging to feel good about yourself, and doubly so because you know your purchases come from a place of knowledge and awareness? Fabulous doesn't have to mean fickle - the fabbest women know what's going on, and aren't afraid to make changes for the positive.

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