How to Get Rid of Dark Rings or Circles Under Your Eyes
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How to Get Rid of Dark Rings or Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark rings and the swelling that occurs under your eyes happens because of fluid that collects in that space. The fluid can accumulate because of things like allergies, lack of sleep, head colds, crying a lot, etc. The area gets baggy and dark because as the fluid collects, it interferes with the blood flow. The blood flow backs up, causing even more congestion (causing swelling or bagginess) and it's the backed-up blood that causes the darkness and the rings. The problem is usually worse in the morning because, since you've been horizontal all night, gravity hasn't had a chance to pull the fluid from around your eyes. Then, after you've been up for awhile, the fluid and therefore the bagginess tends to decrease.

There are several things that may help prevent the problem. Get plenty of sleep first of all. If you have allergies, see a health care provider for an anti-allergy medication that won't make you groggy or sleepy. If you cry a lot, dump the guy or see a mental health specialist.

I assume by this point you've tries a number of different cosmetics, and haven't had much success or you wouldn't be asking for advice.

There are several non-medical things you can do that will actually work. First of all, when you wake up, apply a cool rag to the area. I wouldn't recommend ice because even though it'll shrink the blood vessels, once the ice is removed and blood starts rushing back in, the blood vessels will dilate very quickly and they may rupture. Then you've have all these little spider vessels on top of your baggy and dark eyes. So stick with the cool rag. After about ten minutes of the cool rag, apply some hemorrhoid (yes, hemorrhoid) cream. Hemorrhoid cream works by shrinking blood vessels "down there", and it also shrinks blood vessels around your eyes. After you rub the cream in, you can use your regular cosmetics.

If the problem persists, see your health care provider. He or she will probably refere you to a dermatologist who can offer a number of solutions.

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rid of dark circles under eyes

Thank you for the advice.

I think this is going to work.

I just hope so.

I should try this to see the result.