How to Make Uneven Lips Look Balanced with Effective Makeup Application
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How to Make Uneven Lips Look Balanced with Effective Makeup Application

When you have an uneven lip line it can be difficult to apply lipstick and lip liner without making the problem more pronounced. It takes careful application and a good understanding of the correct way to apply it. This article looks at how to make uneven lips look balanced with effective makeup application.

The majority of women actually have uneven lips, so don’t worry you are not alone. Some more obvious celebrity examples includes; Stella McCartney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Let’s take a look at ways to correct the balance with cosmetics.

Uneven lips take two major forms the first is a difference between the top and bottom lip fullness. The second is a difference on one side versus the other. Each type benefits from specific application tips.

How to apply makeup to lips that are uneven from top to bottom:

Many women have lips that are fuller at the bottom and thinner on top. A full bottom pout is often considered an attractive trait, because it creates a seductive effect. If however you feel like the difference is too pronounced there are makeup tips that can help.

In this instance begin by lining the upper lip slightly outside the lip line and the bottom lip just inside the lip line. Then when applying lipstick try applying a slightly darker shade of lipstick to the bottom and a lighter shade on top. Ensure the difference in colors is minor otherwise you could end up looking silly. Light colors help to make an area look bigger. Also try applying a touch of gloss to the center of the top lip.

How to apply makeup to lips that are uneven side to side:

If your lips are uneven from one side to the other, the application of makeup to the lips can be quite difficult. What you need to do is carefully redefine the boundaries of your lips. Try outlining just outside the natural lip line on the thinner half of the lip. At this point if necessary line just inside the fuller side if there is still a difference between your left and right lip lines. Apply lipstick to the lips carefully brushing up to each lip line you have drawn on.

Final tips

-Don’t try to significantly re shape your lip line. Keep it natural by only slightly drawing outside or inside your natural lip line.

-Always use a lip brush when applying lipstick to uneven lips, because precise application is vital.

-Always ensure your lip liner pencil is sharp as you need a fine point to achieve precise lines.

-If you struggle to apply makeup effectively to rebalance your lips, you can simply stick to using lip gloss products on bare lips as they don’t tend to exacerbate an uneven lip line.

-Help balance your lips by applying a little foundation to bigger points prior to applying lip line. This can help to diminish the imbalance. 

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