How to Sweat Proof Your Makeup
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How to Sweat Proof Your Makeup

Hot humid weather or physical activity can take its toll on your makeup. In some instances it can slide right off your face leaving you feeling and looking messy. LetÂ’s face it sweaty is not typically a sexy look when it comes to your face. However, there are many ways you can help to sweat proof your make up and get it to stay in place. This article looks at several tips on sweat proofing your makeup.

Six tips on sweat proofing your make up:

1. Apply primer before anything else

Primers help create a prepared canvas for your makeup; therefore makeup adheres to your skin more readily. This is especially important if you are facing humid weather. Look for primers that create a matt appearance and control excess oil production and you will immediately have taken a big step towards sweat proofing your makeup.

2. Always carry oil blotting papers with you

Oil blotting papers are the perfect tool to combat sweat that starts to pop up during the day. They are like a small piece of tissue paper with a little powder on them. When you press them into your skin the oil is absorbed by the paper. This will rectify your appearance without making it look cakey, as can be the case when you keep piling on powder.

3. Set your look with powder

Powder helps to combat oil because it actually helps to absorb moisture and oil. If your skin is already prone to oiliness apply it all over the face and also your chest region if it will be on show. If your skin is more mature, try applying it to just the t zone area. You can also use it to give staying powder to your eye makeup by applying over the top of your completed look.

4. Choose waterproof eye makeup

When it comes to your eye makeup products like mascara and eyeliner, it is best to choose waterproof formulations, because non waterproof styles tend to run and smudge under your eyes creating that dreaded panda eye appearance. If your eye gets too irritated wearing waterproof formulas, there are some good water resistant styles that might do the trick also. With eye shadow there are a few brands that produce waterproof versions, or look for styles labeled long lasting in soft shades.

5. Select lip products with care

Lipstick or lip gloss can slide outside the line of your lips if you get sweaty. To prevent this problem look for long lasting lip formulas, or styles in a matt shade and medium consistency. Shiny, fluid styles tend to cause the most problems. If you do want to wear a lip gloss, stick to one only a shade or so darker than your lip color, so that little slips will not look horrendous.

6. Long lasting base products

When it comes to foundation and concealer you are likely to get the longest staying power out of oil free formulations when sweat is a concern. Try products that are labeled as been suited to wear for 10 hours or more.

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