Makeup Mistakes Women Often Make
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Makeup Mistakes Women Often Make

This is an article for women which covers some of the make up mistakes that women often make. I cannot stress how important it is to apply make up in a well lit area. If the lighting is not bright where you are applying your make up you could be making make up mistakes without realizing it.

Not doing your make up in a well lit location is the number one mistake women can make. Without good lighting you will not see how your make up actually looks. Your foundation could be a shade off and you would never know it. Low lighting also makes bright shades appear duller than they are.

Speaking of bright make up. Every one has their own unique tastes when it comes to color selection. However, I think going too bright is just too much. Going bright on the eye shadow is one thing, and going bright with a lip stick is another. Going bright on both the eyes and the lips is a big mistake.

Do one or the other in a stand out shade, not both. Another make up mistake women often make is regarding mascara and eye liner. These two products are meant to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. A mistake that women often make is too apply their mascara and eye liner too dark. This is really noticeable and can easily smear leaving you with raccoon eyes.

Apply pressed powders and foundations lightly to avoid making the caking mistake. If make up is applied too thick it will crease, and cake. Your skin will look pale and pasty. Blemishes may get covered but at a high price. I think the mistake women make is to cover their own natural skin. A blemish or two on your face is much more beautiful than caked on, thick make up.

For flawless make up with no mistakes follow the following steps…

1. Wash your face well with warm water and a facial cleanser.

2. Dry your face then apply an oil free moisturizer. Make sure you are in a well lit area.

3. Apply a shadow which matches the clothes you will be wearing that day. Use your fingertip or an eye shadow applicator to apply an even coat of shadow over the entire eye lid. Use a small makeup brush to apply a lighter version of that shade to the upper lid and brow area.

4. Lightly line eyes. Curl eye lashes if desired then apply a thin coat of mascara. It helps to wipe off the wand before applying the mascara. Wiping the wand off with a tissue removes excess mascara which can leave globs in your lashes.

5. Apply a lip stick or lip gloss that is the opposite brightness of your shadow. If you have used a bright shadow opt for a natural lip color. If your eye color is natural then opt for a brighter lip color.

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