Smashbox vs. Clarins vs. Lush: Cosmetics Review from a Real User
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Smashbox vs. Clarins vs. Lush: Cosmetics Review from a Real User

In this report

The problem with most cosmetics shoppers these days is that they feel they need to buy all of their products from one specific line. Here is the dead truth... Not every line is good at everything it makes. Cosmetics lines instead focus 90% of their time on a few distinct products and spend little to no time or money on the rest of the products they make. Therefore, while you shop for products, make sure you are extremely diverse in your choosings, not segregated to one favorite line. Your make-up bag should look more like a department store, and less like a specific boutique.

As an experienced beauty advisor, skin specialist, and product junky, I am the go-to girl for solid and honest information on products throughout the cosmetics industry. I have my favorites, my loyalties, and my dislikes, but one thing is for sure... I know these products inside and out from personal experience. Therefore, I have chosen three of my FAVORITE beauty lines. You will be surprised because they are so vastly different in style and product focus but they are all truly works of genius. Read carefully and take my advise. I promise you you will NEVER be disappointed.

#1 - Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics is one of those lines less talked about. It is less mainstream compared to Clarins and LUSH Cosmetics. However, the customers this company obtains tend to be extremely loyal and long-term users of the brand. They over several varieties and shades of foundations and powders, making it easy for one to match their skin tone perfectly. Smashbox also offers an array of colors for the lips and eyes, making it a line both attractive to the younger and more mature crowds.

One of the most incredible products within this line is their Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It truly gives you an ultimate Photo Finish. It is a silicone-based primer that is meant to be applied before the use of any facial cover-up, including liquids and powders. The silicone layers on top of your skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles and creating a feel that is silky smooth. The primer holds your make-up in place despite humidity, rain, or any other weather conditions that would otherwise clump or remove your coverage. This specific primer has won several awards, including the 2010 Award, 2008 Best of Sephora Award, and Marie Claire's 25 New Products That Will Change Your Life Award.

Other incredible items that need to be mentioned are as follows:

  • LIMITLESS LIP STAIN - This is incredible and long lasting. It actually makes your lips look like they were born they color you stained them with! Even deep reds will stay on despite drinking, eating, and kissing. It is also an amazing lip item for the mature cosmetics users because it does not bleed into expression lines and wrinkles around the mouth area. 
  • HALO HYDRATING PERFECTING POWDER - Finally, a company has created a POWDER that is not drying and dull to mature and aging skin. This product actually works to hydrate the fragile face and reduces fine lines and wrinkles in 10 minutes flat. It is a wonder how it was ever done, but I will vouch that it actually does work on my clients!
#2 -

Clarins is truly a beautiful line when it comes to the more mature skin types. While the line offers a small selection of products for younger skin, its focus is really geared towards anti-aging, age, reversing, and correcting. It does not offer a large selection of make-up products either.

Nevertheless, Clarins will be rankes #2 because it is truly amazing at what it does. Clarins is one of those lines that has mastered a specific detailed area in the cosmetics industry, and has not tinkered or tweaked its methods. It simply sticks to what it does best - Anti-Aging

My favorite product to date in Clarins is, hands down, the Instant Smooth Golden Glow. This product works to instantaneously add a tan and a glow to the facial area while at the same time working to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used from the forehead all the way down to the decollete. It is the perfect product for summer. Its texture remains on your skin despite weather conditions or reactions to body temperatures. It does not clump or blotch. This self-tanner for the face is truly a masterpiece. 

Other AMAZING products within this line...

  • Clarins Advanced Extra-FIrming Neck Cream: Never have I seen a company to develop an entire cream especially created for the delicate maturing neck and decollete area. However, this area of skin is almost equally as sensitive as the sensitive face and therefore extremely prone to cell damage and aging. Under the neck is often forgotten about while in exposure to sun damage or free radicals. This cream corrects our mindlessness and helps restore a youthful appearance especially in woman over the age of 40. As soon as it is applied, you will visibly witness a "lift" in the neck and decollete area. 
  • Tonic Body Treatment Oil: I am always stressing to my clients over 40, "Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate your skin!" This treatment oil is the perfect way to do just that. It is smooth and light so it does not leave a greasy heavy feeling upon application. Even better, this tonic firms and tones your skin! It helps protect against further aging all over your body and improves the elasticity in your skins texture. Finally when you pinch your skin, it may actually bounce back into place the way it use to when you were a teen!

Honorable Mention...

  • Clarins Mens Active Face Wash: My male clients have been using this for years. It is a gel foaming cleanser that smells absolutely delicious and works to reduce razor burn around the neck and facial area. It is extremely refreshing and cooling which soothes a man's sensitive pours and allows for a smoother shave, and a more handsome face.
#3 - LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics is my #3 pick, but do not let that fool you. It did make my list didn't it? This line is spectacular because it is 100% vegan, all natural and organic. The company prides itself in using earthly ingredients to product luscious, indulgent (and sometimes tasty!) final products. My favorite little fact about this line is that every single product, from the soap to the facial toner, is mixed and created handmade by one person. Every item is then label upon finishing with  little sticker on the back saying "Made By..." and includes a picture of its creator. The company travels world wide to pick the best most active ingredients and to learn new combinations to improve skin care technology. They are truly leaders in the organic skin care industry.

My favorite product is of course the Brimstone -  A bar that you bring into the shower to exfoliate a stressful day away. The bar is made of organic hemp oil and sea salt. It does wonders for the radiance of your skin. It is exceptionally useful during the dull and dreary winter. This bar is also incredible for removing old and cracking sunless tanners.

My second favorite (nearly equal) is the Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel, and not only because it has a awesome name! This shower gel is made from a combination of lime juice, chocolate, and CAFFEINE! Three of the most amazing indulgences! I swear this product is crucial for those who are "forced" to be morning people. It is also fantastic on rainy or snowy days. All you have to do is get your butt into the shower, and let this Death Monkey do the rest!

Other amazing products...

  • Rub Rub Rub: A body wash with sea salt leaving you acne free, soft and delicious
  • Tramp: A light shower gel smelling of organic nutrients and pine. As soon as you open it up you will feel like you are bathing in the mountains. It is also dark green, which of course is really cool.
  • Freeze: A shower gel that creates an instant cooling sensation on your skin. This sensation jump starts tired and lazy minds and helps spike creativity and logic to prepare you for a successful day.
The Bottom Line

Every line has its own masterpiece (or masterpieces). The specific products mentioned above are not only reputable, but truly genius in creation. Therefore, when shopping for a primer, maybe SMASHBOX should be your go-to counter. However, if you are looking for an indulgent and creamy anti-aging formula... CLARINS would clearly be your best bet. Finally in order to obtain beautifukky crafted organic products, you may want to walk past Clarins and head straight towards LUSH to fullfill your earthly needs.

Careful when choosing what you put on your precious bodies.

Good Luck my little product junkies and please let me know how you do!

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