The Real Benefits of Mineral Makeup: Cutting Through the Hype
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The Real Benefits of Mineral Makeup: Cutting Through the Hype

the benefits of mineral makeup and how the media has responded to it

Well it's true - mineral make up has a lot of hype surrounding it.  There are constant infomercials and advertising for it everywhere we look. I was extremely skeptical of it as well, until my sister forced me to wear it for her wedding day. She exclaimed vehemently that the difference it makes in a long span of day was amazing.

Before we talk about what my preference is, and why some people like it. Let’s talk quickly about the health benefits. When I started thinking about this question – I wondered, certainly someone with a medical background has written about this topic. Google came to the rescue.

Web MD has a great article from Colette Bouchez that sums up the medical benefits of mineral makeup. The verdict is still out about whether it is truly good for your skin. The components of mineral make up and liquid foundation are essentially them same with one difference; irritants. Dermatologists have claimed that it is better for you since it “eliminates classic ‘irritants’ – like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives -- it is considered "purer" and can be kinder to the skin.” Bouchez.

The other big draw to mineral makeup – that is great for our skin is the built in sunscreen! Many of us choose to forgo the goopy 30spf on our face daily because of the long term effects of clogging our pores. But this makeup allows the pores to breath and protects them from the sun.

But with all of these benefits, there of course are the downfalls. But these downfalls only come from buying products without looking into the company and the ingredients. If you choose to buy one with an ingredient named Bismuth oxychloride – it may make your skin look radiant. But it is also an irritant that can cause itching and rashes. If used in large quantities it can induce cystic acne as well. All of this, of course via Bouchez’s article.

So my suggestion – is to try it. I truly loved using Bare Escentuals for my sisters wedding because it really gave my skin a vibrant look and lasted the entire day and night. I’m not sure my skin has ever looked that good. The only reason why I don’t use it every day is because I’m cheap – and I don’t wear makeup like that on a daily basis. I have tried the L’oreal version called Bare Naturale – and it does not come close to Bare Escentuals.

If you do decide to try mineral makeup – here is a great article explaining what you’ll need for each person’s different skin type!

Good Luck!


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